Internet For Development

:: web-based relays part 4

Some agencies, including my own, expand the range of services. From purely advertising and PR, to full Internet consulting, research, development of a strategy to maximize the full and effective use of Internet capacity in the client company. Today, agencies are able not only to develop, but also to fully implement, the strategy with the help of subcontracting partners, companies specializing in a particular Internet service sector.

The Internet is now ready to deal with all the challenges, significantly influence the company ' s working methods and, in general, its development strategy. I will provide only some examples of tasks that the Internet agency can accomplish:

  • Transfer of business processes, Internet documentation and streamlining;
  • Internet sales, delivery, ordering, payment organization, delivery organization and back office;
  • Increasing the company ' s customer or partner base;
  • Promotion of goods/services, PR, alerting, branding, company/site/product/service positioning on the Internet;
  • Staff search;
  • Developing models of additional profits;
  • Support for clients, partners, feedback network;
  • Creating a permanent audience for the site, involving audiences in the active life of the server, effective engagement with the audience and many others. The list can be continued.

The Internet relay market is growing rapidly, turnover continues to grow at the expense of new clients entering the Network and the development of existing advertisers. But despite the conditions that are conducive, competition is increasing and new players continue to appear in the supply market. promotional services On the Internet. Some agencies have already taken good positions, but this is not an indicator of the stability of their situation in the current market dynamics. Competitive action is already under way not only for the quality and diversity of services provided, but also for the creation of new, cost-effective and effective principles for their implementation.

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