History Of The First Channel Advertising

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Заставки рекламы Первого

The Full Cycle Advertising Agency provides advertising services on all central television channels, regions and cable television. The TV channel calls are always available to our clients. Moreover, specifically for you, we can develop a special promotion package on this television station, which will significantly improve the efficiency of the advertising campaign and reduce the final cost by discounting the general order.

Television history

The TB Centre channel was broadcast for the first time on 9 June 1997. The company operates on the basis of two licences authorizing broadcasting both in Moscow and Podmoskovje and throughout Russia. The main purpose of the channel is to be the only one in its kind. The prerequisites for its achievement are a unique niche, which is the ether of the channel on the domestic television market. This is an inextricable connection to Moscow, a multidimensional coverage of everything that occurs in the largest Russian centre of political, financial, economic, scientific and cultural life. Ethical policies reflect the principles of humanity, education and morality. TV is a channel of social guidance. Accordingly, there are a number of cycles and programmes whose presence on the air is fundamental to the TCC. This is the Moscow Style cycle - Moscow style in politics, economy, science and urban development. If the capital is destined to be an intellectual asset, we have no right to leave all our values and achievements within Moscow alone. The whole country should know. To this end, new cycles of programmes and broadcasts are being developed and brought to light to tell Moscow not only as an administrative centre of the State, but also as a city that has a huge social, cultural, scientific potential. There is therefore a Verste on TV, a programme for those who do not care about Russia 's fate. These are the contacts of Moscow-Caluz, Moscow-Horenburg, Moscow-Sybirian, etc.

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