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Also on the theme of the transition phases to sustainable development:
3 Этапы развития

The transition to sustainable development is a long process, as it requires addressing unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges. As it moves towards sustainable development, its perception will change and be clarified, the needs of people will be rationalized in accordance with environmental constraints and the means to address these needs are improved. Therefore, in implementing the principles only for relatively early phases, relevant progative and prognostic documents may be developed.
The initial phase of Russia ' s transition to sustainable development was predetermined by the need to address pressing economic and social problems. But since they are the primary targets of this phase, it is particularly important to strictly observe, during this period, reasonable environmental restrictions on economic activities.
At the same time, programmes for environmental recovery in environmental crisis zones should be developed and implemented in a sustainable manner, integrated measures for the normalization of ecologically disadvantaged areas should be identified and the institutional framework for these measures should be developed.
The next stage should be the main structural transformation of the economy, technological renewal, substantial environmentalization of socio-economic development.
At this stage, the environmental well-being of the country ' s territory is ensured primarily by rationalizing the use of Russia ' s rich natural potential and reducing its relative costs per capita.
The issue of harmonization with the nature of the world community must be addressed gradually. Russia, which accounts for a large part of non-violent ecosystems, will play a key role in this process.
At the end of the 1990s The Russian Government has developed a concept for the transition of Russia to a model of sustainable development based on a dynamic and balanced approach. economic developmentnature and society. Russia ' s transition to a model of sustainable development was expected to take place in three stages. The first phase (1996-2000) focuses on the establishment of a legal framework. In the second phase (2000 - 2015) the most pressing economic and environmental problems of the State must be addressed in principle. Finally, the third phase (by mid-21 in) involves the creation of a “nosphere”, areas. ♪ ♪

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