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Marketing of WZFEI branch, Tula

The roots of the marketing of advertising are that producers of any level and stage of development of society wish to declare themselves and their products to ensure effective sales or trade-offs. The main reason for advertising was the social division of labour and the emergence of the market. The promotion of advertising was mainly related to trade exchange, so the market needed information carriers for such operations. In the course of the exchange, the seller and the buyer enter into certain relationships that seek to improve. The advertisement becomes a connecting part of the market, as it is necessary for potential sellers and buyers to suspect the market, to have a minimum of information on demand and supply movements. By disseminating information on the availability of goods, the conditions under which they are purchased and consumed, advertising is involved in the development of a supply of goods and thus in the demand for its specific focus.

Therefore, traders have always sought to improve communication with buyers through advertising to increase their sales. Thus, historical advertising can be defined as a target manufacturer (trade) in an effort to influence the consumer to improve the purchase of goods.

Advertising markets are based on an economic benefit mechanism. The manufacturer at first time tried to develop his own advertisements by setting up his own unit, but it didn't always work for him. Diversification of the producer ' s communications function in advertising required more time and means, and the creative content and advertising strategies were defined by the manufacturer themselves using simple advertising technologies, and the performance of advertising was low. The appearance of advertisers, advertisers identified the specialization of the advertising industry, which allowed the advertiser(s) to purchase more creative advertising, cheaper and more efficient. Every party in advertising. ♪ ♪

There is currently no generally accepted definition of " good market " in the existing literature. The advertising market is seen as " the scope of advertising " [1, c. 26], " the purchase of advertising services provided by advertising agencies and other producers " [ 2, c. 182; 3, c. 246]. Market-based marketing refers to " an institutional or mechanism that brings together buyers (contractors) and sellers (suppliers) of individual goods and services " [4, c.48], " the commonality of the relationship between exchange participants, which is closely linked through some means " [5], " how a system of social and economic relations in the sphere of exchange is met by the public sector.

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