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1. Don't answer the child's aggression!

2. Prohibits. When you tell the kid about the ban, you follow the tone. It should be friendly and educative, not charming. Get off your lexicon with the phrase "great, because I said so!", "great and everything!"
Say, "Nols because..." explain the causal connections. And the best thing to say is, starting with the phrase, " I can't afford to... " , like, " you're warmed up in the sun and then your head and skin are sick. "

3. Rights and rules. Limitations, demands and limits in the child ' s life are necessary for his safety and for feeling safely predictable. But these rules should not be more than the rights of the child and it would be good to give the rules sufficient flexibility. There are always prohibitions that are not discussed, they relate to health and safety. But the child also needs a psychological space to practice the ability to choose consciously, and the questions he can decide on his own. The child is a full-fledged family member and at least occasionally engage him in a family council decision-making process, such as a purchase (if this is something available), listen to his opinion with respect.

4. Coherence. All members of the family who are directly involved in the upbringing of the child should be aware of the content of the rules and restrictions on the child. The demands made by a child close must not be contradictory.

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