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Chicago School of Sociology, its main stages, achievements, importance for the further development of sociology
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In the first part of our textbook, the Chikag Sociological School was defined as a course of scientific and practical work by researchers who collaborated at the Faculty of Sociology (Sociological Faculty) of the University of Chicago between 1892 and 1935 and carried out theoretical and empirical projects. It was noted that at least two phases of the school were adopted: the preparatory and active phase, which was the peak of its largest representatives. We shall reproduce the short content of the first phase in order to provide a detailed analysis of the results of the school ' s work during the second, principal phase of its activities.

Preparatory phase of the Chicago School

The first, preparatory, phase covers the period from 1892 to 1915, i.e. from the inception of the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Chicago until the central ideas of empirical sociology have been drawn up by the leaders of R. Park and E. Burgess at the school. main segment its activities. Despite the failure to establish a single research programme at this stage, without which schools do not exist as such, other important tasks have been undertaken. At the outset, many supporters of the combination of theoretical and empirical research were gathered around the Department of Sociology and Sociological Studies of the University. Next, starting from 1895, the world ' s first sociology journal (American Journal of Sociology) was created in 1905. American Sociological Society (subsequently American Sociological Association). In 1894, A. Small and J. Vincent issued the first sociology textbook in the form of a small brochure.

A. Small (founded by the Sociological Faculty), C. Henderson, J. Vincent, W. Thomas, played a leading role in the preparatory phase of the school. The services of these founding fathers (who are often referred to as this because most of them were formerly Protestant preachers) were to draw American society ' s attention to sociology, prepare it for the perception of empirical research materials, promote the possibilities and prospects of sociology. The Big Four has actively contributed to the transformation of liberalism and the principles of freedom into the main ideology of sociology in general, the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Chicago, in particular. The preparatory phase has solved the problem, institutionalization. ♪ ♪

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