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Psychological aspects of advertising: all major advertising models
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Психологические аспекты рекламы: все основные рекламные моделиActive psychological research contributes to the real problems of advertising. In the 1960s, the direction of economic psychology has become such as advertising psychology♪ Over the past decades, it has developed rapidly and has acquired the status of an independent application of socio-psychological science.

In addition to the stages of direct decision-making on procurement, it is important enough to determine the place of advertising for consumers to consider the phases of the consumption process itself. Thus, four main stages of this process are highlighted:

  1. Development and perception of need or desire.
  2. Pre-purchase planning and procurement decision.
  3. In fact, buying.
  4. Post-purchase behaviour (including repurchase).

Usually, these basic levels of advertising psychological exposure are distinguished:

  • Cognitive (recognition, communication)
  • Effective (emotional, relations);
  • Suggestive (force):
  • Conactive (definition of conduct, bicheviorist phase).

The essence of cognitive effects is the transmission of a certain amount of information, a combination of product data, factors characterizing its quality, etc.

The aim of the impact is to transform the body of information transmitted into the system of directions, motives and principles of the recipient. The tools for relations are the frequent repetition of the same arguments, the provision of logical evidence to the contrary, the formation of favourable associations, etc.

Compulsory involves the use of both conscious psychological elements and unconscious elements. This is due to the fact that some portion of the commercial message can be absorbed by the addressee, excluding active thinking. The result of the compulsion can be conviction, without logical evidence.

The contagious effect of treatment occurs in the " push " of the recipient into action (of course, to buy) and to give him the expected action.

Awareness of the need for these basic levels of exposure to human consciousness advertisements has led to many promotional models. The schemas of some of the most known and common advertising models are given in the table.

Direction / Model Cognitive Effective Suggestive Conactive Effective (after purchase)
AIDA Attention. Interest Desiration Action
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