Outdoor Advertising

Фото Russ Outdoor

Outdoor-recklama-- outdoor commercials are commercials on the streets of the city.

Outdoor relama is one of the most important tools for a comprehensive advertising campaign. There is a system for measuring outdoor advertising, which confirms that, depending on the size of the population, it may vary, the outlet provides good coverage.

The ads outdoor is an area where shortness is a talent sister and where the skilled design runs the ball. Any extra graphic element, image, incorrect colour can reduce the efficiency of outdoor advertising. The outside must be legit, simple and harmonious.

The ad outdoor is static and dynamic. In the dark time of day, outdoor advertising can be lighted, thus extending the time frame for possible coverage.

The multiple variations of the forms and ideas presented by the outside are divided into groups:
♪ Bilbords, supersites, arches are static outdoor advertising boards;
♪ Multipanel, prismtronauts and situ beards - dynamic advertising outdoors;
- Crossings, banners, banners;
♪ Svetody screens, plasma panels - dynamic outdoor advertising;
- Brandmowers and rooftops - outdoor advertising;

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