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Blind fate of pixar lamp
История заставок на российских

Photo Joe Utichi

The first short film, created by Pixar Animation Studios, appeared in 1986. There's a small lamp in it, Luxo Jr., playing with a rubber ball, and a big Luxo, watching the game.

One of the Pixar and John Lasseter co-operators drew the Luxo L1 table from his desk. In the same year, the video was nominated for the Oscar award at the Nomination of the Best Animal short film.

And the Multhylm itself has been used since the beginning of the ninetieth year as a retrieval to the Children's Clock broadcast on the fourth general education channel, which was subsequently called the Russian universities, the frequency of which was transmitted to the NTV channel in 1996. Although the Pixar studio was hardly aware of that.

Pixar used to play his favorite in the biddings in different ways: the head of Luxo Jr was turned into "0" in the Celebrating 20 Years sentence. In the valley-E, the Luxo Jr. casser, after which the most charming robot appeared and changed it to a new one.

Luxo can also be seen at Andy's Toy Story. The guy who played Luxo Jr also meets in various Pixar paintings:Toy story."Toy Story 2 and Monster Corks, Upstairs."

In 2009, the lamp became a stumbling block between the Pixar studio and the Luxo AS company from Norway, producing single lamps since 1939. The scandal that threatened to end up in court arose after the studio started selling toy kits from Luxo Jr lamps together with the license plates of the cartoon Up! Lamps in the kits were exact copies of Norwegian products. In addition, Luxo AS has, in its claims, negatively referred to the Diselands ' attachments, two-metre moving copies of Luxo Jr.

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