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Commercial television began with the simplest broadcasting network: films, cartoons and advertising. At the same time, the first advertisements appeared on the television channel, some of which were made directly by the TV-21 advertising department. Many of them are still memorable to the Murmanchants.

The first dictators on the television broadcasting program, including Marina Maximenco and Marianne Gurine, had known the whole city in a few months.

Marianne Gurina

Marina Maximenko

However, in a few months now, the first information programme, a review of the criminal events of the week, the Criminal News, was broadcast by Liliana Kožev. Then, for a few years, Constantine Gaponic managed the program. And for six years, the Chief Criminal News Officer on TV-21, Vitaly Izmaylov. So criminal news is the longest project on the channel.

Criminal news

Liliana Kogera
Programme lead
Criminal news

Constantine Haponik
Programme lead
Criminal news

Vitaly Izmaylov
Programme lead
Criminal news
Since 1997

The second information programme, which was launched in the first year of the TB-21, was the Stewick programme, business news. The first author of the programme was Viacheslav Andreev, replaced by Grigori Shugaev, who now works on television, headed by Russian TV in Kazakhstan. It should be noted that Stewick was a breakthrough, never until then, there was a specialized programme for business people in the regional air.

Programme procurement

Grigori Shugaev

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