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Mass-Media report

Medium advertising is a marketing tool for brands, sites, trademarks, goods, services, etc., when information about the product is posted on media sites (maddy).
The main difference between media advertising and the rest advertising It is a key factor: consumer attention is drawn through visualization of information (flash cards, videos, images, etc.).
Visual reporting makes this advertisement more easily accepted by the consumer, it doesn't have to be understood, it doesn't have to waste time reading it. Most of the media advertisement comes to consumer consciousness even if they don't plan to be interested in it.
It is this effect that advertisers are expected to develop another publicity campaign.

Use of media relays

The following objectives can be achieved through banner advertising:
(1) Increase the attendance of the advertised site.
(2) Increase the sales volume of the product to be sold, especially for any exclusive, expensive, innovative product. In such a case, media advertising is the best way to tell the user about the novel, who is not yet aware of its existence and is therefore not interested in it.
(3) To inform the target audience of the benefits, shares and discounts.
(4) To inform a wide audience of new major events (films, exhibitions, concerts and other events). In this case, media advertisement replaces afish.

Information spaces for media relays

Depending on the type of media advertisement site, the following hosts are provided:
(1) The TV that broadcasts commercial videos at a certain time.
(2) Printed publications that place advertisements on their pages.
(3) The Internet (sites, electronic magazines, electronic newspapers, news and information resources, popular social media), which have the technical capacity and desire to place a banner advertising block on their pages.
Banner advertisements are as follows:
- graphic banners (static blocks).
- flash banners (dynamic images, rolls).
- Rich-Media (banner blocks over the site, which will be obsessed with running behind the mouse until they are closed).
- Pop-Under.

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