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The difference between marketing and advertising
Реклама против Маркетинга и

I google Analytic. So far, there's nothing to be happy about, but what's interesting is, in the last week, 12 people came out of a search on the phrase "The Reclamation and Marketing." It's quite a strange combination, but since people are looking, we need to help them. None of them have seen more than one page, probably not.
So I decided to sign as far as I see it, in detail.

For the beginning of the definition (volume):
Declaration - It is a paid dissemination of certain information from a particular entity aimed at other, generally unidentifiable entities for a certain purpose. The purpose of advertising can be any (i.e. inform, induce...).
Marketing is the control (influence) of the entire chain of movement of goods from the conway to consumption (creation, promotion, sale, post-sale services).

So it's received that advertising is a narrower concept than marketing.
Marketing is dealing with:
- product (its characteristics, quality, package ...);
Prices (principle of pricing, best price compared to competitiveness, price discrimination...);
Places of sale (as the product goes to the consumer: through supermarkets, mail delivery, firm stores, composts...);
- promotion of the product (and this is where, among other things, RECAMA is. There's also marketing incentives, personal sales, PR...).

I mean, if you go downstairs, they get that advertising is a way to move, and promotion is a part of advertising.

If all aspects of marketing are considered, it is understandable why they are labelled.
So, TOVAR. Marquetologists are not allowed to participate in the process of production (they are not very interested). Well, the machines, the noise, the gams, the workers... we'll sell what they'll do. What's most interesting is, in fact, it is. Hardly when marketing professionals are involved in production. If, for example, a package is considered, it is classified as an advertisement. Although this is the same product profile and should be planned before the product is produced (something to turn off).

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