About Advertising

Federal Law on Advertisement, n 38-fs е art. 18

1. Advertising through telecommunications networks, including through telephone, facsimile, mobile radio, is permitted only with the prior consent of the subscriber or the addressee for advertising. The advertisement shall be recognized without the prior consent of the subscriber or addressee if the advertiser does not prove that such consent has been obtained. The circulater must immediately stop the advertisement to the person who requested it.

2. Telecommunication networks may not be used to distribute ads using means of choice and (or) a subscription number without human participation (automatic call, automatic mailing).

3. In reference telephone services (both fee and free) including mobile radio, advertisements may be made only after the request is made.

4. In the provision of telephone connections under the temporary payment system, advertising time shall not be taken into account in determining the cost of such a telephone service.

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