Historical Stages Of Promotion

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As a result of this chapter, a student must:

know what to know.

:: Main stages of promotion, the characteristics of each stage;

• Special features of the historical development of advertising in Russia and abroad;

∙ Virtual signs of advertising ' s impact on its dissemination channels;

To learn

• Dedicate the main features of advertising channels in their historical development;

:: Review past publicity announcements with regard to the specificity of public development;

• To influence the past on modern advertising;

• Analysing advertising and generating major trends.

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I think there was always a commercial. At least for this allegation, there's a logical reson: people lived, talked and needed information, which is where, on what terms. Some offered other services and goods and wanted them to be recognized as soon as possible and preferred to all similar proposals.

The first known advertisement references in history relate to the period when the social division of labour and production for exchange, i.e., is still ancient. Historians say that in ancient Rome, advertising was considered to be a very useful case and thought that efforts made in advertising were eventually being paid off. Pending the appearance of a printed statue, which invented the German Johann Gutenberg in mid-XV, three major publicity activities can be identified.

Trademark (cleymo)

The modern trademark is a symbol-name, sign or graphic design, as well as a combination of them, and serves as a means of identifying the goods or services to distinguish them from the mass of the same. Something like this today's trademark is known from ancient history. The Master observed any symbol of his products. The practical value of this undertaking is clear. Let's face the situation that the market sells pots. Almost the same. But the mistress who bought a few pots from different masters in a while realizes that the mountains are different in quality. One crashed, another one broke, and the third was gorgeous, nothing was done with it. How do you find that master whose pot was so good? The Master, in turn, asked himself almost a similar question: "How to do so good. ♪

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