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Как привлечь клиентов печатной рекламой

How to attract printed advertising clients: the impact of the Altaya advertising agency ' s polygraph on business development in Toweri and Tver province

High competition in the market forces business owners to use a variety of advertising methods that help to attract consumer attention. The most effective way is Print advertising (polygraphy). This method is needed to promote products, expand the market.

Polygraphy is worthy of its low cost and high results. Despite development Information Technology and the Internet, paper ads don't lose their relevance and remain the most popular way to move.

Today, no firm operates without printed advertising and corporate images: cards, booklets, catalogues, notes, cards, calendars, posters, stickers, pamphlets, pamphlets, pamphlets, leaflets. Polygraphic advertising is constantly growing, but why is it popular? The answer is hidden in human psychology: it is easier for people to understand information that can be easily felt, touched.

Whatever the firm does: the production of furniture or, for example, the provision of educational services, print advertising will be effective. It's because any man needs real products that can tell you about your company's services before the deal. The successful Tweri and the Regions know this, so they go to the Altaya advertising agency and order different lines:

  • Fluores, booklets, leaflets (for customer search);
  • Aphishi, posters, catalogues (to attract attention and expand consumers);
  • folders, cookers, diaries, calendars, notebooks (for the return of old clients and the retention of today).

How to find clients with a polygraph

The best way to find new clients is to be considered Booklets, leaflets, flyers♪ If leaflets in some cases do not always produce a proper result, booklets and fliers are still being purchased and helped to find new consumers without special efforts.

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