Prospects For Promotion Of Advertising

Prospects of anti-rob advertising
мобильной рекламы лидирует

Babian hope, GetIntent, one of the most discussed formats of interactive advertising

The theme of the naive river (angl. native advertising - " natural advertising " , the manner in which the advertiser draws attention in the context of the site and user interests) is not new: at a minimum, in social media, each of us faces negative advertising. Looking a little wider, it can be said that naive advertising is entering all areas of digital, actively involving all accessible formats and platforms. What are the prospects for this instrument in Russia, specifically for the analysis of Hope Babian, the commercial director of the company GetIntent, the international software platform.

Today, foreign experts tend to see the proportion of classic media advertisements declining and replaced by a more sophisticated form of adversary. According to the specialists, it will help retrieve the user's attention. In the definition of " negative advertising " , there are still differences among market participants.

In analysing the situation under this notion, we mean an advertisement that is organically integrated into the content of the site. The anti-trust advertising can be presented on different platforms - desktop, mobile, and in different formats: text advertisements, graphic or video.

Native advertising has recently become increasingly interesting, with legitimate prerequisites. The banners are gradually losing their efficiency. This is linked to factors such as the negative impact of programmes blocking advertising, as well as the placement of banners in standard areas of pages that the human eye often ignores.

In this regard, it is quite logical for advertisers to find new ways to communicate with their target audience, to seek the best possible contact of a potential client with an advertisement.

For example, according to the United States IPG Media Lab and Sharethrough, with a naive ad, users are much more willing to associate themselves with a brand (+42 per cent), more often notice (+52 per cent) and distract (+68 per cent) from traditional banners. And the anti-trust commercial is 1, 5 times more incentive to buy online.

In the media, naive advertising can look like an anonna of regular news or as an editorial. In style, shape and language, it will be identical to the style of publication. And what is interesting is that users pay attention to adversarial advertising even more than editorial content, 26 per cent and 24 per cent respectively.

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