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To the question to clarify on the second phase the text of a scientific article on " Mass communications "
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Scientific work on the theme " Making book advertisements in Russia of the sixteenth century: the question of refining the second phase " . Science paper on Mass Communications. Journalist. Media (MD)

KFOR 659
A. M. Chebotarev
Dr. Hist. Science, Professor, Chelabin State Academy of Culture and Arts
First promotion phase The book in Russia XVIII was considered earlier [See: 15]. The time frame for the second phase relates to the commencement of activities in Russia of the Academy of Sciences established by Ekaterina I decree in December 1725. According to the regulations of the institution drawn up by the emperor, he was allowed to have his own printing. In 1728, the Academy of Sciences opened the Book Chamber, which, on the one hand, was to carry out academic publications within and outside the country and, on the other, to procure books for the Academy itself.
With the issuance of the first issue of the St. Petersburg Statements (1728) it is due to the appearance of the first newspaper announcement, which advertises various types of publications (both popular and serious content).
Also during this period, promotional catalogues (clips) of publications have been developed under the auspices of the Book Chamber, which have played a significant role in the promotion of book sales.
The leadership of the Academy of Sciences in 1735 was authorized by the Senate to advertise and sell books in various localities of the Russian State. In addition, Russian books are also advertised in foreign periodicals. All these actions have enabled the Book Chamber of the Academy of Sciences to increase the sales of polygraphed products more than 10 times.
The second period of promotion of the book in Russia XVIII ends with the first edition of the Moscow Gazette, which was published by Moscow University.
Keywords: book advertisements, Russian Academy of Sciences, Book House, book catalogues, book distribution
For quotation: Chebotarev, A. M. Promotion of book advertisements in the Russian Federation of the seventeenth century: to clarify the second stage / A. M. Chebotaraev/Vestnik of the Chelyabin State Academy of Culture and Arts. - 2015 - No. 2 (42). - C. 32-38.

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