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The history of the Public Relations, Journalism and Advertisement Café began in 1998, when the first idea was to open a public affairs kit in the CMSP. In 2001, a first set of in-kind students was organized for five-year programmes (at 030602.65 Public relations). In 2003, a separate public relations café was established, and in 2007 a first set of journalism students was made (in line 030600.62, Journalists). In 2009, the cafeteria was renamed the Department of Public Relations, Journalism and Advertising. In 2011, the first release of 9 baccalaureates of journalism was held. Since the establishment of the cafeteria, Dr. Philological Sciences, Professor A.V. Chernov.

Training programmes (reinforced educational programmes)

Educational opportunities

The training process involves practitioners: journalists, turtle media editors, practitioners and advertisements. During the course of the training, students acquire the skills of co-piping, audio and video filming, recordings, editing, studying the laws of advertising and pr-technologies, designing and implementing advertising and PR campaigns, projects and single activities. Statutory, production and pre-preventive practices are organized in both the Church and other cities, which provides sufficient experience to start a successful career. To date, the geography of the internships is as follows: Cherepovets, Vlogda, Moscow, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Skyktyvkar, Murmansk, Anapa, Sochi, Rybinsk, Bryansk, Tivin, Novosibirsk, etc.

The leading international and Russian institutions accept internships and then employ our students and graduates:

  • Imageland-PR
  • Gurov and partners
  • AGT
  • In MarRiles
  • Independent Broadcasting Foundation
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