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Dinara Irtuganova about what's going on with the advertisement of luxury brands in printed publications.

What changes happen to adverting luxury-segment brands, and why are quality paper publications, even in the face of a continuous fall in this media, still one of the most important commercial areas? These and others are covered in their column for Dinara Irtuganova, Chief Planning and Procurement Manager of the OMD OM Group press.

We live in a century of space speeds: days are flying, information is outdated in a couple of hours, creative directors change each other, new technologies surprise each other every day, and we are in a hurry to give up all the fuss. But there's a place and eternal values. For us, the secret visa club and tactile communication supporters, the unsuccessful condoms and pictures are an important part of life. What remains forever: relaxing moments, no smear and no rush.

A bamboo leather or a bald hamster on the solar island, a trail on the sea grass in the city park, or maybe a Moscow apartment, a disguised window, a barrel, a lamb and a glacier volume with silk pages, which are so pleasant to cross, and a summer day has come to rest. The first six months, however, have been successful: there are enough reasons.

In the spring of 2016 to 20 years, the two flagship publications in Russia were Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. It seemed quite recently that Tatiana Zavilalov ' s first cover model, Elle, had struck all the golden car with the red strip, and in Harper’s Bazaar, each reader was waiting for a new tractor letter from the editor-in-chief, Shahri Amirhanova.

But it's been 20 years, and everything, including us, has changed, has become much more interesting. The reader is now more intelligent and wants his own speed to match the speed of time. In almost all of the publications, the section of the secular chronic in a long-standing format (small pictures at the end of the magazine, several pages long) has been eliminated.

It is true that short information about the show and the guests who have come is no longer useful: everyone has already told bloggers, sites and Periscope has broadcasts, played instagram paints, where they have been edited by creativity and lucky people who have not been invited. The press is now shifting its focus to the name.

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