Effects of advertising
единой и неделимой России

The Declaration is based primarily on the economic phenomenon, so it is always necessary to understand how it affects market actors and economic actors. It affects both producers and consumers of goods and services.

Let us highlight some of the most important aspects of advertising ' s impact on market actors.

The Declaration, by developing trends in the expansion of the production of goods, promotes employment in the productive sector of various countries.

The advertisement helps the consumer (potential buyer) to make a better decision on the purchase by providing information on the product.

When new products are marketed, producers, using advertising opportunities, provide effective means of dealing with consumers.

Using different associations with the characteristics of the product, advertising can increase consumer perceptions of the benefits of its acquisition, of its usefulness.

The Declaration is a major source of funding for all types of media. Proceeds from advertising can be up to 60 per cent of magazines, 70 per cent of newspapers, about 100 per cent of broadcast time.

In the advertising industry of Russia (where more than 2,000 advertising agencies, apart from service providers), there are currently over 1 million different professionals.

The Declaration has been given one of the most important roles in shaping and supporting trademarks.

The Declaration has a positive impact on the development of new products and provides effective means of informing buyers of their appearance. In general, this contributes to attracting investment, improving the quality of goods and continuously increasing the capacity of consumer choices. In some cases, the high cost of developing new products is partially reimbursed by advertising, as consumers are informed of new products and conditions are created for their acquisition.

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