What's A Commercial

Alexei kulyshev
2 Что такое РЕКЛАМА?

How to explain to a three-year-old child what marketing is?

These are the answers I've heard more often than others:

♪ Marking is the art and science right to choose the target market, to attract, retain and increase the number of consumers by providing the buyer with confidence that it is the highest value for the company. ♪

Or like,

♪ Marking is the communication of brand-assens for the target audience. ♪

More like:

"Marketing is a liar and a fraud. It's just an attempt to convince people that they need something, though they don't really need it. ♪

And also:

"Marketing is SMM, SEO, banner ad... Well, the commercial... To sell the product. ♪

Such answers are good for a bush-bingo game. Not all adults, let alone children, will understand what this is about.

I've already written about the classic rule, buy cheap, sell expensive. The whole market suffers from a lack of understanding of this principle. Business owners are building up, because they're always bad at advertising agencies and their own marketing departments. Marketologists are building because they don't understand what they're doing. Consumers are suffering because they are bombed by an unrelevant, poorly advertised advertisement, evaporated products.

The purpose of Oh My Stats is to remove all the bulbs from marketing and to make the Marquetologist work better.

P. S. One day, I got a perfectly brilliant answer:

Marking is a fisherman. If you want to catch a fish, you need to know what lake it's in? What's eating? When is she asleep? Which lakes are already filled with fishermen and what are they empty? Marketing is responsible for these issues. ♪

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