Foreign Advertising History

Рекламная мысль не стоит на

Outdoor advertising is one of the most traditional and popular channels for advertising in Russia, as in other countries of the world. In Russian publications, it is often referred to as " outdoor " . This term refers to advertising outside the premises, outside buildings, on the street, under the open sky.

Evaluation of external advertising as a channel for advertising



Broad coverage

Failure to conduct short-term advertising campaigns

Frequency and flexibility in posting

Reducing the quality of images under the influence of atmospheric events

Relatively low value of one contact

Continuous monitoring of advertising structures

Longitudinal exposure

Durability and complexity of the procedure for design permits for external advertising

A large number of promotional contacts

Only a small amount of information is available due to short time of customer contact with advertising

Clear identification of the geographical boundaries of advertising

Relative value of manufacture and lease

Specialities of external advertising

External (external) advertising - graphical, textual or other advertising information that is located on special temporary and/or fixed structures located on the open terrain, as well as on the outside surfaces of buildings, structures, elements of street equipment, over or on the streets and roads. Outdoor advertising also includes advertisements placed inside stores/supermarkets - POS (point of sale). Outdoor advertising is a type of LP-reclama.

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