How Many Promotional Stages Can Be Identified

Hybrid approach: A new phase in the development of automated advertising systems
Какие основные этапы развития

With the current diversity of automated advertising management systems, few people thought that only 15 years ago, at the beginning of the 21st century, the Russian advertising market had only changed and had gradually begun to develop an important field such as the Internet. The fantastic growth rate of online logs suggests that Type of advertising is the most promising and fastest growing segment of the advertising market. As early as 2013, the market in context advertising was 51,6 billion roubles. Over such a short period of time, the Internet relay industry has become a truly complex system with a large number of major players. However, the further development of technology and the market, the more difficult it has been to manage advertising campaigns without resorting to automation. 2010-2013 has been a period of surge in authoritative advertising systems, both through the development of new Russian systems and through the introduction of foreign systems into the Russian market. It was recognized that publicity campaigns without the use of automation would soon be extremely difficult. This is due to the fact that such campaigns often require processing and analysis of the vast amount of data that people are simply unable to cope, the handling of advertising channels will become more complex and manual management will become labour-intensive and inefficient. In this regard, the trend in the west has gradually begun to enter the Russian market.

To date, a large number of different automation systems exist in the market. The specialty of work, which is usually the same. In contrast, it is only a toolbox, an interface and a business principle, depending on the size of the clients. Many large agencies in context advertising often license foreign advertising approaches that are not fully adapted to the Russian market and are exclusively devoted to large budgets. To date, two Western approaches have been identified, with Russian automated advertising systems: forecast and portfolio.

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