20-Century Advertisements

Trends in advertising on radio and television
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Commercial advertising on the radio started in 1920. The main difference was that dictators did not record rolls in advance, every commercial text was read live. By 1940, most families had been relayed by radio receivers, and radio advertising was widely distributed.

Telereklam appeared a little later, in 1939. But the money for the accommodation started to be levied at the wrong time, and it wasn't different at that time. Radio advertisements♪ By the middle of the 20th century, there were multipliers.

Professional studies show that advertising on radio and TV is the most effective because of the speed and reach of the audience. However, there has been an increasing and increasing level of discontent among consumers of modern advertising. In recent years, issues related to FZ ' s non-compliance with advertising have been raised several times. For example, in 2004, there was a slogan called " Good Sugars with Crusts " , given that Tricks were sold in shops under the Brand. What about the world's first potato shampoo?

With regard to ethics, there are also differences. In 2008, the Kinder Pingwi videos were shown, where the Penguins children distracted their mother and stole the cantons from the refrigerator. It could have led children to such behaviour.

In addition, television monitors note other violations of the law. In 2014, the question was raised that there was a need to tighten the monitoring of excess advertising. It was noted that the volumes were higher than the average sound level of the gear. Regulations for sound measurement and measurement were planned. The bill on advertising was amended accordingly.

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