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What are the factors that influence the conversion from the marketing?
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Which affects conversion

Hello! Yuri Brillkov's acquaintance, and today we will talk about the factors that affect the conversion of social media traffic into a certain target action, the lead. This could be both a website application and a subscription to a band or a news mail. The conversion from the bid for sale will not be considered, because it is mainly influenced by the sales department, which is directly closing the client for sale. Consider the overall impact of factors, and consider separately the impact of each of the factors in isolation.

General factors

Conversion-related factors can be divided into three large clusters: 1. The target audience; 2. Advertisement fans; 3. Landing Fathers.b_5779198d6dc03.jpg We'll see each of the blocks in more detail below.

Target audience factors

This set of factors is a priority and is linked directly to the process of gathering target audiences, the quality of CA collection and analysis. What are the factors in this block? 1. Uniformity of target audiences (the audience should be more than uniform) 2. Segmentation of target audiences (if heterogeneous and distinct segments) 3 A clear audience from an unrealistic audience, i.e., bots, offers, some nichees are "primors" (there are many manuals that are cleared from these entities, and cleaning is necessary because they either do not perform a targeted act (purchase, registration, requisition, etc.) or do much less than other parts of the segment. Thus, there should be a homogeneous and clean segment of the audience. It will be the basis for a high conversion.
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