Development Of Modern Advertising

Social advertising as a basis for the development of modern
4 Современные тенденции

/upload/iblock/b37/1olymp3.jpgSocial advertising as the foundation for modern public life

Social advertising as the basis for the development of modern public life: background, legislative framework, scenario and development


The terms " political " and " commercial " advertising are widely distributed and implemented. Political advertising is relevant in elective technologies, and commercial advertising promotes the market. However, the lack of advertising space (a small number of advertisers, television channels, radio stations, advertising sites) at this stage of Russian society ' s development has led to a significant rejection and rejection of these types of advertising. Under the prevailing circumstances, the attention of advertisers, creators and advertisers has shifted to a new type of advertisement, a purely ideological tool for promoting and agitation.

What is the social ad? Is she a subpolitician advertising or is she on her own?

Based on the definition of social advertising in the Federal Act of 18 July 1995, No. 108-F on advertising, it:

1. Provides public and public interests;

2. Focused on charitable goals and outcomes (socially useful results are: improving the criminal situation in the country; preventing the spread of drug and related diseases; encouraging the public to assume its responsibilities to the State (military duty, tax payments, compliance with legal instruments, environmental protection) and other results related to the positive impact of public life.

Principle of social advertising It is not possible to pursue commercial or political objectives, as well as the references to specific commercial brands, organizations, stamps (articules, models) of goods, political passes and individual politicians.

Functions of social advertising:

Public opinion formation;

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