Development Of Newspaper Advertisements

Development of the press in the roses
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scientific work on the subject of the Russian press. Science paper on Mass Communications. Journalist. Media (MD)

The article provides an overview of the development of the printed case in the Russian Federation in X/X. It provides an assessment of the reforms and legislation governing the creation and operation of newspapers and magazines. Consideration is being given to the interdependence and mutual influence of advertising, the press and the needs of society, as well as the commercialization of the press.
In the article the development of typographic art in Russia in nineteenth century and the reforms and legislative acts which regulaties the foundation and activity of newspapers and magazines are discussed. Interdependence and two-way influence of advertising, press and society requirements and press commercialization are studied.
Key words:
Printing, advertising, advertising history, newspaper, commercialization of the media, publishing, commercial advertising; press, advertising, history of advertising, newspaper, mass-media commercialization, publishing business, commercial advertising.
Print advertisements are already available at the Petra I Web site at the beginning of XVIII, but only in XIX, print advertisements are widely distributed and are becoming systematic. However, the Russian press needed significant improvements. Many of the magazine-gasy genres, the development of journal theory, the types and forms of communication with the public reader, the development of types of publications, the differentiation of journalism, the elimination of censorial restrictions, and the improvement of the quality of information. Due to the fact that magazines and newspapers were intended to alert citizens about public affairs, advertising was not properly distributed on the pages of magazines and newspapers.
On 31 March, 1801, Alexander I signs a decree abolishing the ban on the production of books, directs the reopening of private printers, closed by June 1880, and permits the passage of foreign press and the printing of newspapers and magazines inside the State. The following year, on 9 February, a new decree of the Emperor was promulgated, even more liberal. In 1804, a censorship charter was adopted, which alleviated the situation of educated society. The number has increased. ♪ ♪

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