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The culture of the past century as a common historical type
8 книг-манифестов о модернизме

The twentieth century is the most dynamic in the history of human civilization, which could not affect the entire nature of its culture.

General characteristic XX in: science, human intelligence, a era of social storms, shocks, paradoxes. Today ' s society, building on the high values of love for human beings, equality, freedom, democracy, has at the same time created a simplified understanding of these values, so the processes taking place in modern culture are so diverse.

Since XX is the age of rapidly changing social systems, dynamic cultural processes, it is very risky to make clear assessments of the development of this period ' s culture, and only some characteristics can be identified.

Three periods can be distinguished in the history of culture XX:

(1) The beginning of XX in 1917 (a rapid dynamic of socio-political processes, diversity of artistic forms, styles, philosophical concepts);

(2) 20-30 (indigenous restructuring, some stabilization of cultural dynamics, a new form of culture - socialist),

(3) The post-war 40th is the second half of the XX in. (Development of regional cultures, national self-awareness, the emergence of international movements, rapid technological development, the emergence of new advanced technologies, the active development of territories, the merger of science with production, the change of scientific paradigms, the emergence of a new world view). Culture is a system, it is all interlinked and interdependent.

The spiritual and material culture of the twentieth century is the continuation of the social and cultural processes of the nineteenth century, which has not fulfilled the hopes of mankind and created a new crisis and shock: the contradictions accumulated within society have not been resolved by natural historical changes. At the end of the nineteenth, irreversible changes took place with regard to the new understanding of human beings, their relationship to peace, the new language of art. An example of this new relationship has been the French painting, which has not only become an active temperamentary but enriched by subjective human experiences: empressionism, the main purpose of which is to seal a moment of life.

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