Understanding And Promotion Of Advertising

Political advertising
История развития рекламы

Political advertising (Political Advertising) is an advertisement aimed at changing the political behaviour of a society or its part in a political choice. In its principles and functions, it is a set of specific forms and methods of misrepresentation and promotion of political forces, ideas and practices that contribute to both societal change and individual political objectives.

Political advertising is not aimed at gaining profits, therefore it is not commercial, along with social and religious advertising. However, political advertising uses the same means as commercial advertising. They only differ in purpose. The strategic objective of any political advertisement is to change the minds and behaviour of public groups vis-à-vis the advertising facility. Like commercial advertising, political advertising through its circulation, diversity, laconism and emotionality has significant potential for exposure to mass consciousness.

As the subject of political advertising, it is a tangible object. political 1 (political organization or association, political action, political action) and intangible (policy programmes, initiatives, ideas, attitudes, practices) for certain societal changes. According to the types of advertising facilities, political advertising is divided into the following main groups:

  1. The Declaration of a Political Organization.
  2. The political ad.
  3. Political bill.

This type of advertisement represents the interests and needs of the political forces and tends to focus not on a narrow target group of consumers, but on audiences that are predominantly social, or on the whole or large part of society. Political advertisements are made up of participants in the political process, making a choice, supporting a project, initiative or idea which political orientation to pursue (in each case they constitute a specific advertising task force).

The special feature of political advertising is clear, clear, precise, and active, often aggressive, of its communication impact. With a political choice, this impact is based on the desire to convince people to choose one political product from several possibilities, which tends to involve a variety of combinations. ♪ ♪

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