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The mystical history of the storm
Мистические истории

When my husband and I bought the apartment, I really liked it. It was just weird that there were some signs on the door doors in every room and something written, we couldn't figure it out. But I realized there was some conspiracy. After the apartment, strange things started happening and somehow at the time I was home alone. Husband often stays at night. It's the night that the door starts racing. You run to the door, you look in the eye, but nobody's here. You go out to the field to see if there's a little asshole hiding out there, but no one, no one. Well, nobody could have run that fast. You come home from work, all the chairs are rotten, the cat couldn't do that, not the age to wear.

I noticed a cat of weirdness. When you lived in other apartments, you come home, a cat of a scratchy walk comes to meet you. And here, she's like a cowardly and smashing dog, chasing you and complaining.

I've seen a cat look at one point a few times, like someone's watching, your eyes are high, sitting long, not moving, looking. It's particularly unpleasant when she's not looking at you, she's looking at someone around, or she's looking at me, and she's looking at someone.

I woke up at night feeling someone was standing and staring at me from the corridor. I've been closing the door a couple times, I've heard the door closed. From fear, she put a blanket on her head and tried to sleep fast. I was already afraid of being alone, calling my friends or leaving for the night. Then we cleaned the apartment, like it stopped, but for a while.

I've recently noticed the strangeness behind the cat again. She's sitting there looking at someone with a hairy eye, watching someone. There was another incident at night, but the husband was already home. I wake up from some kind of outside noise in the room, like someone's got some sort of rubbing on the door closet in the bedroom. That noise I heard through sleep, woke up, opened my eyes, started listening - silence. By referring to her imagination and preparing to fall asleep, closed her eyes. And I'm going to get my own ears heard the same noise again.

And it's not a cat with his claws in the closet, it's someone or something that's been driving a cover in the closet. I was lying back to the closet, my husband snooped around, my hair went up on my head, threw me in a cold sweat. Lie down, afraid to move.

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