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Advertising history, 2nd out.
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You have an unusual textbook. It's so far the only work of Russian scientists on the history of advertising. The book shows the way to develop publicity from ancient times before the twentieth century. You will find out how the advertising in Western Europe and North America grew, what role it played in shaping the culture of foreign countries. The authors pay special attention to advertising in Russia. The book goes beyond the book. In addition to historical information, you will learn many original ideas and inappropriate solutions that will help launch an effective publicity campaign. The book can therefore be recommended not only for teachers and students studying advertising, but also for practitioners, for advertising agencies, markers, journalists, public relations specialists. The book is recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as a textbook for students of higher education institutions and supplementary education institutions in 3,50700 advertising.


What does a man expect to see in a book called Advertising History? The answer depends on the extent to which a person is involved in advertising, his experience in reading other industry stories and the mass of other circumstances.

I will take the liberty of suggesting that the reader of the history of any industry would like to know the evolution of ideas in this industry, to know the names of the major personalities, to see the best examples of what was done. Most importantly, he'd like to get something useful for himself, especially if he works in this field.

Well, nothing like a book called Advertising History should be expected. There is no fascinating opposition to ideas, because the authors seem to have no idea what trends have occurred in the development of modern advertising. Moreover, the authors failed to mention any significant advertising name. Personalia section. There are the names of Louis XIV, Lomonosov, Napoleon, but no... Hopkins, Ogilvi, Rubicama, Gossij and other loud commercial names. The authors of the book are just not interested.

What is this book then? This is a fairly systematic statement of the history of what the authors seem to be advertising. A clear crena on culture. It's understandable, because the authors are not advertisers, but clerics.

The authors clearly know or do not understand that modern advertising has started since the mid-nineteenth century. The real story of advertising should be detailed about the emergence of various advertising schools, mainly in the United States, on the struggle of ideas, on achievements and mistakes. The history of the copiercing would be of particular interest to the Russian reader. Alas. Nothing. Surprisingly, the most interesting part of "Severo-American... ♪

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