Child Development Centre Declaration

17 feb advertising for the children ' s centre
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The network of children ' s centres, which has spread throughout Russia, offers comprehensive development for their small visitors. In addition to child-rearing classes, holidays are held in the centres and there are also courses for young parents.

More than 20 developing centres are located in Moscow and a publicity campaign has been conducted.

In the cold autumn field, the health-care facilities have become a beautiful space for family-friendly advertising. Children tend to suffer very often, especially in the fall, while the clinic reaches its maximum of 30,000 per month.

The client selected several polyclinics in the ashes of access from childcare centres. As an advertiser, it was selected advertising poster A2+ format. Such posters are placed in corridors or near medical offices, so that visitors waiting in turn can access advertising information.

In selected child health clinics All advertisements The posters were located near the paediatric offices, as the target audience of the developing centres was gathered here. In addition to these polyclinics, a number of tacit points have entered the advertising campaign, also in close proximity to the children ' s centres.

Like, Dairy kitchens There's only one place for a poster, the main hall. The benefits of accommodation here are the lack of competitors and the target audience.

The value of ads on such posters starts from 4,000 roubles per month.

In addition to promotional posters in treatment facilities, it is also recommended place polygraphs in a special carmashke attached to the poster. Its value begins with 1,000 roubles, it is replenished several times a month.

During the period October-April, health-care facilities are the best place for advertising children ' s goods, private gardens and baby-friendly drugs. Cost is affordable not only for large but also for small companies, but the performance of this advertising site has been proved by many clients.

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